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Idaho is one of the 31 states that legally discriminates against people like Christina and Michelle.

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What if you were laid off from your job because of who you married? Imagine how it would feel to have to scramble to provide for your family and be constantly worried about your sense of security? For Idaho resident Christina, this became her reality.

Christina and Michelle have been together for over 25 years. They’ve adopted five amazing children and are raising them just outside of Boise, Idaho. And even though the couple has been happily married since 2014, there are a few aspects of their life that have been extremely challenging.

Christina was fired from her job because of her sexual orientation.

I worry that I’ll be fired again just because of who I’ve chosen to love and spend my life with.

She had mentioned to a few coworkers that she and her partner were looking into adopting children and it got back to her employer. She was fired shortly after that.

Being fired because of who you’ve married has more than just an emotional impact. This incident has impacted Christina’s and Michelle’s livelihoods, mortgage payments, care for their kids, and sense of security.

To this day, Christina constantly worries about other people finding out about her marriage—not knowing if their reaction will have any further implications on her job or financial security.

Idaho is one of 31 states where discrimination against LGBT1 Americans in the workplace is still legal. As Christina puts it, protections are important, “so that I won’t have to worry that I’ll be fired again just because of who I’ve chosen to love and spend my life with.”


LGBT is a common acronym that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.


Idaho is one of 31 states in this country that doesn't fully protect LGBT people from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations.


Idaho has passed 5 laws that actively harm LGBT people.

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In Idaho, LGBT people ...

  • Can be fired or denied a promotion*

  • Can be evicted from their homes or denied housing*

  • Can be denied service at public establishments, denied medical treatment, or even kicked out of restaurants or businesses*

  • *Based on state laws.

1.7 Million

Idaho’s total population



Total LGBT population

40% Of LGBT population raising children


Of LGBT population raising children

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