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Missouri is one of the 31 states that legally discriminates against people like Aaron and Shaun.

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A wedding is a time of celebration, and many couples want to share their happiness with their community through a traditional announcement in their local paper. But imagine if you were barred the right to publish your announcement, just because of your sexual orientation? This was the case for Shaun and Aaron.

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We’re not going to publish your wedding announcement.

Following their joyful wedding ceremony, the couple decided to place announcements in the papers of the towns where they both grew up. Shaun grew up in Missouri, a state that doesn’t protect LGBT Americans from discrimination. He didn’t hear back from the paper after he sent in their announcement. Finally he reached out to the parent publishing company, hoping for answers. He was told, “We’re not going to publish your wedding announcement.”

The company acknowledged that they were refusing to publish Shaun and Aaron’s wedding announcement because they are a same-sex couple. Shaun explains,

[Businesses] can say ‘we won’t serve you.’

Like most newlyweds, Shaun and Aaron wanted to share their announcement with their community and were humiliated when denied the opportunity. They felt rejected by the community they loved.

Photo courtesy of Brian Menz Photography

In 31 states, including Missouri, discrimination against LGBT1 people is legal. Couples like Aaron and Shaun can be fired from their jobs, evicted from their homes, or even denied lifesaving services like medical care because of who they are or who they love.

Everyone has the right to marry. Not everyone has basic rights.


LGBT is a common acronym that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.


Missouri is one of 31 states in this country that doesn't fully protect LGBT people from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations.


Missouri has passed 5 laws that actively harm LGBT people.

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In Missouri, LGBT people ...

  • Can be fired or denied a promotion

  • Can be evicted from their homes or denied housing

  • Can be denied service at public establishments, denied medical treatment, or even kicked out of restaurants or businesses


6.1 Million

Missouri’s total population



Total LGBT population

30% Of LGBT population raising children


Of LGBT population raising children

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